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Activities & Issues

The Maple Leaf Community is always busy with different activities and issues. Here's a sample of what we do on a daily basis. Check out other areas of our web site for information on specific activities, issues, and programs.

Issue Reporting Map

Want to report traffic hazards, graffiti, or abandoned property to the community at large? What are the specific concerns on your street? MLCC now offers an interactive map so you can flag and monitor these problems (through See for yourself and read how you can use this feature to raise neighborhood awareness.


  • Produce quarterly newsletter to inform community
  • Organize quarterly meetings to inform community
  • Organize annual candidate/issue forum to inform voters
  • Organize annual Summer Social to celebrate community
  • Monitor land use proposals, prepare comment letters
  • Neighborhood improvements-playground equipment upgrade, neighborhood identification signs, neighborhood traffic control devices, community garden
  • Connect with other neighborhoods and city decision makers
  • Land use, zoning, future development in Maple Leaf
  • Future use of Maple Leaf reservoir site after covering
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Promote walking by identifying and improving neighborhood walk routes
  • Support local businesses
  • Promote sustainability


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