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Maple Leaf Community Council (MLCC)
Executive Board Members

Our Bylaws say the Executive Board can be up to 9 members elected by the Maple Leaf community to two-year terms at our April General Meeting. The terms of the Executive board members are staggered . Odd-numbered Board members are elected in odd-numbered years and even-numbered Board members are elected in even-numbered years.

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President : David Miller (Position 2)
David has been involved with the Maple Leaf Community Council since 2003. He's a business owner in the neighborhood and actively works to help shape Seattle's policies to create a better Seattle.
Favorite thing about living in Maple Leaf: The people. They are always there when you need them and they love, love, LOVE Maple Leaf.
Favorite Season:
Favorite View from Maple Leaf:
The views SE from the new Reservoir Park.
Favorite Comfort Food:
Why you joined the Board:
I strongly believe neighborhoods are Seattle's biggest asset. It is fashionable these days to paint neighborhoods as obstructionist, but the facts prove nearly all of Seattle's best ideas and lasting icons developed from the neighborhoods.
Coffee order:
Hot chocolate.
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Treasurer: Helen Chatalas (Position 4)
Helen was born and raised in NE Seattle but left for more than a decade for college and then to give politics a shot in Washington, DC. She has worked for King County and local politicians since her return to the area in 1996. She lives on the eastern (downward) slope of Maple Leaf with her husband and toddler son.
Favorite thing about living in Maple Leaf: Its sense of community.
Favorite Season:
early Autumn
Favorite View from Maple Leaf:
Downtown Seattle when first getting on the southbound Express Lanes around 8:00 a.m.
Favorite Comfort Food:
BBQ anything.
Why you joined the Board:
To give back to the community that welcomed us with wide-open arms nearly 15 years ago.
Coffee order:
Drip with steamed soy, no foam.
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Director-at-Large: Lori Phipps (Position 1 )
Lori's bio and favorites list are on the way.
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Director-at-Large: Donna Hartmann-Miller (Position 3)
Donna's bio and favorites list are on the way.
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Director-at-Large: Jason Beard (Position 5)
Jason's bio and favorites list are on the way.
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Director-at-Large: Sylvia Trager (Position 7)
Sylvia's bio and favorites list are on the way.
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We have openings for Positions (6, 8, and 9). If you are interested in joining the Executive Board, please contact David Miller

Non-Board volunteers

These individuals are working on specific items/issues of interest to the Maple Leaf Community, but are not formally on the Executive Board.

Charles Harper
Newsletter: Charles Harper
Charles was raised in the high desert before meeting his wife and moving to Maple Leaf in 2006. He is a freelance writer and editor.
Favorite thing about living in Maple Leaf:
I have always loved Seattle, but Maple Leaf is a particularly well-balanced neighborhood: access to every amenity without sacrificing the feel of a safe community. This is a great place to start raising a family. Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite View from Maple Leaf:
Early morning fog.
Favorite Comfort Food:
Sushi or hot wings.
Why you volunteered:
Maple Leaf is such a down-to-earth and responsible neighborhood! I had to see what I could do to volunteer and get more involved.

Coffee order:
Tall yerba mate latte.

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headshot of David Miller
1st Ave NE/NE85th Street Greenway: Joshua R. Newman
Favorite thing about living in Maple Leaf: The central location. Easy access to the UW, Northgate, Greenlake, I-5, and all of NE Seattle. So much within biking distance. The only challenge is that we live at the top of a hill. Though, that makes for great views. 
Favorite Season:
Favorite View from Maple Leaf:
My roof, which have an amazing view of Mt. Rainier and the Cascades. Close second, the Olympics from the west side of the neighborhood.
Favorite Comfort Food:
 Matzah Ball soup.
Why you volunteered:
I wanted to meet neighbors, help shape the neighborhood and help our city confront the looming challenges.
Coffee order:
Double Tall Latte.
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NE 103rd Maple Leaf Community Garden

We have a fabulous community-maintained garden and P-Patch area near the corner of 5th Ave NE and NE 103rd Street. We always need volunteers to help with our common area maintenance requirements. To volunteer or for more information, contact Dale Marston

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Call for Volunteers
Executive Board: The Maple Leaf Community Council continues to need energetic, dedicated people to be actively involved in the community by serving a two-year term on the Executive Board. The Executive Board meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7 PM at Olympic View Community Church. You can come to any Executive Board meeting and get a feel for how you can help shape the future of Maple Leaf and keep it the greatest place to live. Contact David Miller via e-mail.

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