Help make the newsletter a reality for your neighbors

Every time someone sees us bring a newsletter to their door, a smile appears. Thats why we love making the newsletter. And you can help be a part of spreading that joy across town.

Deliver to your neighbors

Whether you're doing it for the walks, the smiles, or to get the kids to run down some energy, there's nothing better than pitching in and getting a newsletter passed out in your part of the neighborhood. Available in small blocks, you can help is get these newsletters to the doorstep of every Maple Leaf neighbor.

Find open routes

Spread the joy of the newsletters

There's a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into the newsletter. One of the smaller, but important, tasks is to deliver the newsletters to the deliverers. Take small bundles to people and do your part.

Distribute the newsletters

Help sort newsletters

Step up and help create the newsletter, literally. Pulling together the pages and bundling them up to go out to the homes is a vital role and a fun day!

Sign up for a sort