June 22nd, 2022

Spring 2022 General Meeting


After registering you will be immediately shown the Zoom link for the meeting, and it will also be sent to the email address provided. Can’t wait to see you there!


A sneak peek at the upcoming topics we have lined up for the next general meeting. Times, topics, and details are subject to change. You're welcome to join early, we'll let everyone into the meeting around 7:30.

7:30 - Opening Statements
The president will introduce everyone and call the meeting to order.
7:40 - Community Council Election Update
Vote in some new members to the board and learn how you can get involved in future elections.Vote in some new members to the board and learn how you can get involved in future elections.
7:45 - Kraken Community Iceplex
The Seattle Kraken will talk about the new Iceplex and how it will help the community. You'll have a chance to get your questions answered.
7:55 - Local Developer Update
We have some new buildings going up in town. Here's your chance to hear from a local developer.
8:05 - Easter Egg Hunt Update
T.J. of The Fairview Church will announce the date of our Easter Egg Hunt that we're excited to get up and running again!
8:15 - Summer Social Update
We'll be announcing the date of the 2022 Summer Social and how you can get involved in the event.
8:20 - Maple Leaf Community Updates
Announcing the new MapleLeafCommunity.org website and our hopes for how it can serve you. We'll be highlighting the newsletter and what we need help on to get it done. We will also cover the memberships and how you can financially support all that goes on in the community.
8:30 - Adjourn
Thank you for coming, our treasurer will close out the session and announce the next General Meeting.

Visiting Speakers

People and organizations that are speaking at this general meeting. To learn more about them, come to the meeting.

We're on it! Check back soon for more information.

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