Farmers markets support communities in Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf neighborhood is in a uniquely lucky location, right in between the Lake City and University District Farmers Markets. Farmers markets are a great way to connect with community, support local farmers, and get tasty food that will make the whole family happy.

Lake City and University District Farmers Markets are both “farm and food only” markets, meaning that all of the vendors sell food or produce of some kind. 

Some vendors will have some non-produce items at their booths on occasion, such as handmade soaps or hand-spun yarn, but these items are “value-added,” and made from things that are grown or raised on their farmland. 

All of the vendors at these markets also farm or produce in Washington state. Farmers markets aim to support local farmers, so nothing that is sold at the markets ever comes from farther away than Eastern Washington. 

Both markets are managed by Neighborhood Farmers Markets, a nonprofit that aims to support local farmers and food systems by creating a space where they can connect directly with different communities. Neighborhood Farmers Markets also manages other markets around Seattle, including West Seattle, Magnolia, Capitol Hill, and Columbia City. 

“One of our central beliefs is that farmers markets should operate for the equal benefit of the community, residents, and farmers,” said Jennifer Antos, Executive Director of Neighborhood Farmers Markets. “The pandemic highlights just how important this is. We need to retain public life and community relationships, provide access to reliable food sources, and do this in a way that supports small family farms - what better way to do that than through farmers markets?”

The Lake City Farmers Market runs on Thursdays from July to September every year, and the University District Farmers Market is year-round on Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm. For more information, visit