Maple Leaf Park is really starting to perk up!

Maple Leaf Park is really starting to perk up!  The Friends of Maple Leaf Reservoir Park was established just as the pandemic began so you may not have heard that a great crew of stewards (wearing orange vests) have stepped up to improve the park.   Almost all the blackberries are gone, and native plants are being planted in their place. And now you can help as well! This fall we will be having volunteer work parties to plant thousands of new plants in the tall grass meadows with more goldenrod, asters, camas, and pearly everlasting and adding some neat new additions like selfheal, paintbrush, native harebell, wild onions, and balsamroot.  The increasing biodiversity will have something in bloom every day of the growing season thus providing food for our native pollinators.   Work parties are planned to start in mid-September with Friday and Saturday mornings events.  We anticipate having weekly events all through October and then monthly raingarden planting events throughout the winter.  If you’re interested in helping, we’ll need lots of help so please sign up for more information by contacting

We also have received a grant from the Department of Neighborhoods to help with the plantings, add a few new picnic tables, and resurface the worst of the gravel trails.  Also in the works are ecological improvement to the forested slope, planting appropriate natives and removal of noxious weeds.  

For an overview of the project visit Seattle Parks Foundation/ Maple Leaf Reservoir Park at 

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