Fairview Church and Bethany Community Church have partnered again this year to offer Maple Leaf families a dazzling array of Easter fun. The kids get to scramble around the fields searching for 6,000 brightly colored treasures while the adults socialize. On the agenda: delicious kid-friendly foods, face painting, balloon art, and various backyard BBQ type games for all ages.

The grassy field by the picnic area is sectioned off into different hunting grounds where children of similar ages are grouped together to level the playing field a bit. Kids aged 1-10 years old will be separated into age groups (1-3, 4-6, and 7-10 year-olds). The 18-month-old newbies who haven’t quite yet learned the magic of an Easter Egg hunt are separated from the 9-year-old seasoned veterans who come ready to strategize and maximize their bounty. The hunt events happen in phases so that parents can watch all their Littles scavenging.  The hunts are usually announced on a loudspeaker, so if you’re participating in other events, you’ll have some warning to get to your hunt arena.


  • Bring a couple “secret” eggs hidden in your pocket or purse just in case your child isn’t as aggressive as some of the old-timers.
  • The eggs are typically filled with nut-free pre-wrapped candy, but there’s usually some special eggs a few lucky hunters will find that have prizes or cash!
  • Each hunt phase happens pretty fast, so be ready to start once the signal is given.

We would LOVE some volunteers or donations! Egg donations and nut-free candy wrapped in plastic would be incredibly appreciated. (Last year the hunt went through 6,000 eggs!). 

Volunteers who can help on the day of the event - plan to meet at the Maple Leaf Park lower playground area around 9:30 AM.  We will section off the 3 designated age group areas, toss out eggs and help facilitate the hunt. Bring that awesome Easter bunny costume again!

Day-of volunteers can also help with food serving, set up, clean up, face painting, balloon animal making, watching over the stations, and all the other extra details that go into making a simple event fabulous.

If you can volunteer or wish to donate eggs, candy, or money, please message Courtney at info@thefairviewchurch.org

We’ll see you Saturday, April 8th at 10:30am with bright-eyed and bushy-tailed little ones and baskets in tow!

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