The Winter 2023 edition of The Leaflet is finally here, and it is packed with insightful articles that offer a glimpse into the changes happening in the Maple Leaf neighborhood. The board is making a commitment to improving the community from the past few years of setbacks, and the changes aim to get the community more involved and provide more consistency.

One of the articles in this edition is about the Find It, Fix It app, which is an excellent tool for improving the neighborhood. The article provides a step-by-step guide on how to use the app to report issues like graffiti, potholes, and other problems, making it easy for the city to address them promptly. This is a great way for residents to take an active role in improving their community.

Another fascinating article in this edition is about tree preservation, which is a vital part of keeping the neighborhood beautiful and healthy. The article covers the importance of tree preservation and the changes in the community that threaten the tree cover. Additionally, it talks about a tour some neighbors went on with The Last 6000, a group that focuses on Seattle's trees, providing a firsthand look at the importance of trees.

Another important article in this edition covers how laws that are made in Olympia and in Seattle affect the Maple Leaf neighborhood, and how residents can get involved in the process. This is an excellent opportunity for residents to learn how they can take an active role in shaping the laws that govern their community.

In addition to these articles, The Leaflet talks about how residents can become connected as neighbors and the committees that the board hopes to work with neighbors on to make great things happen for Maple Leaf. This is an excellent opportunity for residents to get involved in the community and make a positive difference.

Finally, if you want to get your hands on a copy of The Leaflet, you can find them at the park board, where copies are available for neighbors to take. Additionally, you can download a PDF version of the newsletter below. We hope you enjoy reading this edition of The Leaflet and that it inspires you to get involved in making your community a better place.

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