Have you heard of Seattle’s Find It, Fix It app?

Launched in 2013, the app is a convenient way to report issues to the city, while providing precise location information to help staff respond efficiently.

When users submit a request in Find It, Fix It, they’re prompted to select one of fifteen categories that best fits the issue. Requests can be submitted for clogged storm drains, park maintenance, public litter like overflowing trash cans, street sign maintenance, and many more.

Between January 2020 and November 2021 over 230,000 requests for service were submitted, and the majority (77%) came through Find It, Fix It. The app was developed for residents to easily notify the city about issues that can be quickly remedied. A recent analysis revealed that about 10% of submissions are directly related to the unhoused, which is an unforeseen and unfortunate use of the app.

Response times to requests can vary. I recently used the app to request a replacement for a missing No Parking sign. I downloaded the app and submitted a brief report with two photos under Street Sign and Traffic Signal Maintenance. Less than a week later a No Parking sign had been placed on the empty post.

New improvements to the app were launched in November 2022 to improve usability. Users can now submit up to three photos with their request and view all past submissions. The latest version also includes a Frequently Reported section displaying the top three most common requests.

See for yourself! Download Find It, Fix It from the App store (iPhone users) or the Google Play Store (Android users).

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