(Photo credit: Jordie Slmpso)

You understand the quality of life-related public safety issues that communities face. Share your knowledge and thoughts with new recruits in the "Before the Badge" program, a 45-Day Training that newly hired SPD recruits take prior to the Basic Law Enforcement Academy Training Program. The dialogues will be conducted by the SPD Micro-Community Policing Plans Research team and held virtually via Zoom on designated dates by precinct.

To sign-up to participate in one or more dialogues, go to: https://publicsafetysurvey.org/index.html

What is the purpose of the dialogues?

-Meet new Seattle Police Recruits and learning about who they are, why they entered policing, and their thoughts and ideas about how to improve public safety in Seattle

-Understand how community members can work creatively and in concrete ways with new SPD recruits to improve public safety in Seattle.

To learn about the SPD MCPP go to: https://www.seattle.gov/police/information-and-data/mcpp-about

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