Neighbors membership tiers
Building a community isn't easy work but contributions from neighbors like you go a long way towards helping us make the types of events and community activities we all enjoy a reality.

We are sensitive to anyone experiencing financial hardship and unable to maintain their membership. Please reach out to us and we will help accommodate your needs.
what your membership supports
Showing up and making things happen are how we are able to run the activities we do and engage with our neighbors.
Local Events
Events like the annual Summer Social are made possible in part by local neighborhood memberships.
The Leaflet
One of the last hand delivered newsletters in Seattle, the four editions each year bring you local stories and news.
Emergency HUBs
When disaster strikes, emergency HUBs allow for coordination and communication during in the crucial moments after a disaster.
Business Membership
We love our businesses and want to help you grow with our community. Show your support for the community and partner with us to bring more value to our businesses and neighbors collectively.